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How to install quadruple hydraulic pump correctly

Edit:Qingzhou Runxing Hydraulic Parts FactoryUpDate:2020-05-06

Quadruple hydraulic pumpinstallation method:

  1. Flushing

Resin may form on the pump removed from the warehouse. Need to use solvent to clean. Then the lubricant film must be replaced. For difficult-to-process fuel oil, no special measures are required.

  2. Installation

  1) According to drawings and instructions

  2) Stress-free installation

  3) For the engine, please keep the basic level

  3. Pipeline and connection

  1) Suction tube

Design and assemble the piping according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The vacuum pressure or supply pressure on the suction side must be within the limits of the manufacturer, and the filters and valves that may be installed must be considered.

Note that there is no leakage from the suction pipe.

The flow velocity in the suction pipe does not exceed 0. 5 m / s.

Cut the pipe end below 45 °. When installing, the quadruple hydraulic pump should be at least 2. 5 times the pipe diameter from the bottom of the tank to prevent the sediment from being sucked in from the bottom of the tank.

  2) Leakage discharge pipe

Use a sufficiently large nominal width to keep the back pressure in the housing within the allowable range.

When installing pipes, please ensure that the casing is filled with oil, and pay attention to avoid the siphon effect

No pressure returns from potential to tank

By flowing oil to the tank wall, the hydraulic oil can be cooled and settled

Please ensure that there is sufficient distance from the temperature switch.

  4. Installation instructions

  1) In order to prevent foaming, the distance of the pipeline must be at least 2. 5 times the diameter of the pipeline, lower than the allowed lower liquid level, and at least {{3} } mm.

  2) The installation of the leakage discharge pipe should be higher than the oil suction pipe, and precautions should be taken to ensure that the return oil is no longer directly sucked in.

  3) Therefore, when installing the ends of the suction pipe, return pipe and leak pipe, the distance between them must be at least 200 mm.

  4) We recommend using seamless precision steel pipes and separable pipes in accordance with DIN 2391.

  5. Filter

  1) If possible, use oil return lines or press oil filters.

  2) The suction filter is only used with the low pressure switch / clogging indicator.

  3) According to the type of quadruple hydraulic pump, the precision requirement of the filter is 25-40 microns. Suggestion: Under heavy load, 10 um filter can increase the service life.