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Causes of double hydraulic pump wear and preventive measures

Edit:Qingzhou Runxing Hydraulic Parts FactoryUpDate:2020-04-25

The main reason for the wear of the double hydraulic pump is friction and impact. Under normal circumstances, the oil pump components work in a high-lubrication state, and the wear caused by friction is minimal. However, when the oil is very dirty, the lubricating oil becomes an abrasive, and the oil pump is worn during the frequent flushing of the oil. In this sense, it is very important to maintain the oil pump and keep it in good working condition. The following points need to be done:

(1) Reduce the shock and vibration of oil during work. One is to use a vibration-damping bracket to fix the movable pipeline in order to absorb shock and vibration; the second is to increase the valve switching time and the directional valve reversing time; the third is to choose the appropriate length of hose to reduce the pipe bend angle and reduce the use of pipe joint And the pipe joints should be connected by welding as much as possible.

(2) Maintain the oil pump in time, pay attention to prevent oil pollution. Duplex hydraulic pumps must be maintained in a timely manner, focusing on strengthening the inspection of key parts. Focus on inspection of the parts that are prone to leakage to reduce the leakage of hydraulic oil, such as high-temperature and high-pressure parts, perishable and erodible and abrasive parts, dynamic and static seals, welding and bonding points, internal stress concentration points, sharp bend interfaces, etc. The hydraulic oil should be selected according to the requirements of the instruction manual according to the ambient temperature and working conditions, and should not be replaced and mixed at will. When replacing hydraulic oil, drain the old oil and add new oil. The hydraulic oil should be filtered when filling, and it is strictly prohibited to use dirty oil and engine oil containing impurities. The oil must not contain water and cannot be replaced by diesel. Maintain and clean the hydraulic system according to the regulations. The cleaning should be performed as soon as the machine is finished. The oil should be released while hot. Do not scrub the parts with cotton yarn during cleaning to prevent malfunctions such as clogged filters.

(3) The after-sales assembly of the dual hydraulic pump is an important part of the repair process. If the installation is not good, the oil pump will not work properly. For this reason, attention should be paid to the assembly: ① The relationship between the steering of the oil pump and the oil inlet and outlet must be accurately grasped, the principle of confirming the rotation direction of the bushing oil line by the low-pressure cavity oil inlet method and the principle of confirming the misalignment of the bushing according to the rotation direction of the passive gear. Anti-loaded. ②Guarantee the cleanliness of each department, and don't use hard objects to strike. ③ Don't let the rubber ring leak, or use the aging rubber ring.