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CBGJ series hydraulic pump
CBGJ series hydraulic pump
CBGJ series hydraulic pump

CBGJ series hydraulic pumpCommissioning steps and precautions

  1 Fill the oil tank with the oil specified in the instruction manual, pay special attention to cleanliness, and the oil should not exceed the upper limit liquid level mark.

  2 Fill the hydraulic pump casing with oil as needed, and open the suction pipe shut-off valve.

  3, check the power supply voltage, and then connect the power line and control line. Connect the cooling water source as needed, and check the correctness of the rotation direction of the hydraulic pump.

  4, the general sequence of debugging: generally manual first and then automatic; first adjust the low pressure after no-load operation, then adjust the high pressure; first adjust the light load, then adjust the heavy load; first adjust the speed, then adjust the high speed.

  5, jog the drive motor or idle the internal combustion engine, check the direction of rotation.

  6, bleed the hydraulic system at the highest possible point. Unscrew the vent plug or pipe joint, operate the directional valve and make the hydraulic motor rotate back and forth, slowly strengthen the load, and increase the setting value of the pressure valve. When there is no foam in the fuel tank, the actuator does not crawl, and there is no abnormal noise in the system, the deflation is good, and the deflation plug is tightened.

  7. When the pipeline is filled with oil and the actuators are all extended and rotated, fill the oil to the lower level mark of the tank.

  8, first adjust the pressure regulator, flow control valve and variable pump pressure regulator to a low set value. The directional control valve is placed in the neutral position.

  9 The accumulator should be inflated to the inflation pressure.

  10, run-in. Gradually increase the set value until the pressure control valve, pressure relay, flow control valve, pump regulator, time relay, etc. are adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions. Run the component at full load for several hours to monitor the steady-state operating temperature.

  11, re-tighten the bolts and connectors to prevent leakage; clean or replace the filter element.

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