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Boring machine hydraulic pump
Boring machine hydraulic pump
Boring machine hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump of the roadheader is the main noise source in the hydraulic system, and the oil tank is the main radiator of the noise. The cause of noise is vibration, so our factory reminds everyone that in the structural design, anti-vibration and noise reduction measures should be taken.

For example, in order to prevent the transmission of mechanical vibration to the oil tank and pipeline, the connection of the hydraulic pump group to the outside world should be elastic, that is, the rubber suction pipe is installed in the suction pipe of the hydraulic pump of the roadheader, and the hydraulic pipe and the drain pipe are close to the hydraulic system pump With a hose.

A closed type oil-resistant rubber vibration isolator, also known as a rubber shock absorber, is used between the transmission base of the hydraulic pump set and the top of the box or frame. ~ 70 ℃. The design and selection points of rubber vibration isolator are as follows:

① Suitable rubber should be selected according to the environment and conditions of use. Common rubber materials include natural rubber (NR), nitrile rubber (NBR), neoprene (CR) and butyl rubber (JIR).

②Pay attention to the bonding strength between rubber and metal to avoid stress concentration at the bonding area.

③ The use of natural frequency should be far away from the slewing frequency of the hydraulic pump set, in order to prevent the frequency overlapping and produce hydraulic system resonance and noise.

④The energy consumed by the damping will be converted into heat energy, and rubber is a bad conductor of heat. In order to prevent the temperature rise from affecting the performance of the rubber isolator, its size should not be too large, so that the hydraulic pump structure of the roadheader should be easy to dissipate heat.

The rubber vibration isolator can be selected from the mechanical design manual or the product catalog of the relevant manufacturer.

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