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Hydraulic pump price
Hydraulic pump price
Hydraulic pump price

The price of common hydraulic pumps on the market is about one or two thousand yuan per unit, the cheap ones are several hundred yuan, and the expensive ones are several thousand yuan. Different types of hydraulic pumps have different prices. In terms of categories, the types of commonly used hydraulic pumps:

  1 According to whether the flow can be adjusted, it can be divided into: variable pump and quantitative pump. The output flow can be adjusted according to needs called variable pump, the flow can not be adjusted is called fixed pump.

  2 According to the commonly used pump structure in hydraulic system, it is divided into: gear pump, vane pump and plunger pump 3

Gear pump: Smaller volume, simpler structure, less strict requirements on oil cleanliness, and cheaper price; but the pump shaft is subject to unbalanced force, which causes serious wear and leakage.

Vane pump: This kind of pump is relatively uniform in flow rate, stable in operation, low in noise, pressure and volumetric efficiency is higher than gear pump, and the structure is more complicated than gear pump.

Plunger pump: This kind of pump can work under high-pressure environment, mostly used in high-power hydraulic system; but the structure is complex, the material and processing accuracy requirements are high, the price is expensive, and the cleanliness of oil is required.

Due to the different types and performances, the price difference of hydraulic pumps is also large, so we should pay attention to selection when choosing.

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